The Specialist Advisers support people in our community at a time when they most need it


Long term health conditions now affect every 1 in 4 people, across all ages.  When you are struggling to come to terms with a difficult diagnosis, the last thing you want to worry about is how your life can be thrown into disarray.  It can affect your education or employment, mortgage and finances and your relationship with friends and family around you. This is where the For Rutland Advisers step in. Apart from providing practical non - medical advice they also have the specialist expertise to help secure grants and benefits for clients. Below are some examples of how people have been helped by the For Rutland Advisers.

Enabling people to protect their quality of life during a difficult time

A working age client and his wife phoned the Citizens Advice as the client had given up work 6 months ago on his doctor’s advice due to a chronic heart condition. This meant that his mobility was severely limited and he needed assistance with all aspects of daily living. The couple had almost used up their savings and now needed help to make an application for benefits. We assisted the client to obtain disability and sickness benefits and we assisted his wife to obtain Carer’s Allowance. Together with help towards rent and council tax we gained £466 per week for the couple. 

How we are making a difference

"For Rutland helped me to maintain my independence and quality of life"


When Amanda Bills was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, she thought she would have to move out of her home and live with her parents whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy.  The For Rutland Advisers were able to eliminate her fear of loosing both her independence and her job.  Wth the Adviser's help she was able to get support at home and work out a solution with her employer, so she could continue to work from home when she felt well enough to do so.  Amanda is now in remission and has remained a great supporter of For Rutland and joined us to cut the cake at our 50th anniversary celebration at the Good and New Sale.

"The For Rutland Advisers helped us to cut through all the red tape"

Understanding what financial support is available to you us difficult especially when your mind is still focussed on a recent difficult diagnosis.  The For Rutland Advisers are well trained and very adept at navigating through the highly complex benefit system.  A retired couple in Rutland were recently diagnosed with long term illnesses whilst they were living on State Retirement Pensions and a small private pension.  The For Rutland Advisers were able to obtain Attendance Allowance for both of them which meant they were also entitled to other benefits including Pension Credit. Their weekly income was increased by £336 per week and they were also given a Blue Badge. Being able to afford some extra help can sometimes mean people can remain independent for longer and have a greater quality of life.  

Improving lives in our community

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For Rutland

Supporting people of all ages, who live with long term health conditions in Rutland & the surrounding community. 

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For Rutland” raises funds to pay for Specialist Advisers based at Citizens Advice Rutland
(Reg Charity No 1107907) who provide non medical advice to people of all ages
living with long term health conditions in Rutland and the Surrounding Community